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Unique Abilities
Unique Abilities
to help you build your own strategy and defeat any opponents you meet.
Competitive Tools
Competitive Tools
rankings, detailed match overview, recent matches and more to help you improve.
Great Rewards
Great Rewards
based on your performance so you can brag about your achievements.
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frozen knight shield frozen knight green
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Unique Abilities
Abilities provide a big advantage when they’re used strategically. Planning ahead and knowing how to react to certain situations will make the difference between winning and losing.
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score screen combat log combat log popup
Competitive Tools
Detailed score screens at the end of each match, combat log of what happened each second in a match, rankings, recent matches and personal statistics.
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Great Rewards
Reach the top of the rankings and win rewards such as skin upgrades to brag about your achievements and in-game currency that you can use to unlock new content.
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Syphoness gear upgrade
Recent News
Updated website with lots of documentation, new map visuals and updated Gladiator & Jaeger green abilities!
DateJanuary 31, 2018
Check out the updated website with lots of information regarding hero abilities, game mechanics, features and much more! Join Tome of Heroes on Reddit if you have any questions! The Gladiator and Jaeger heroes have had their green abilities updated to increase their skill cap. Updated visuals for all the existing arena maps!
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New map - Proving Grounds! Updated ability animations and sound effects for all heroes!
DateDecember 20, 2017
This update bring a new map in the world of Tome of Heroes titled Proving Grounds, the home of the Gladiator. All of the abilities have had their design updated and sound effects have been added for both the abilities and regular attacks. Some of the abilities have been re-worked and several UI and A.I. improvements have been added!
New user interface design, new daily quests system, ability updates, combat improvements and more!
DateOctober 23, 2017
This new update features a face-lift for the previous Tome of Heroes interface design. A new currency was added called coins which can be used to unlock new content. Daily quests is another feature that was added and completing them will award between 1 and 3 coins. Many of the abilities have been updated so they're more interesting and lots of combat improvements for a better arena game-play!
Check out the new Combat Log feature available at the end of each match from the score screen window!
DateJuly 19, 2017
The Combat Log is a new feature meant to help players better understand their strategy and what happened during matches. You can open the Combat Log at the end of each match from the score screen window. Get information regarding what skills were used and how much damage, healing or absorbed damage occured.