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Great Rewards
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Competitive Tools
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Unique Abilities
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New user interface design, new daily quests system, ability updates, combat improvements and more!
DateOctober 23, 2017
This new update features a face-lift for the previous Tome of Heroes interface design. A new currency was added called coins which can be used to unlock new content. Daily quests is another feature that was added and completing them will award between 1 and 3 coins. Many of the abilities have been updated so they're more interesting and lots of combat improvements for a better arena game-play!
Check out the new Combat Log feature available at the end of each match from the score screen window!
DateJuly 19, 2017
The Combat Log is a new feature meant to help players better understand their strategy and what happened during matches. You can open the Combat Log at the end of each match from the score screen window. Get information regarding what skills were used and how much damage, healing or absorbed damage occured.
You can now support Tome of Heroes on Kickstarter! Learn more about the game's plans for the future!
DateJuly 13, 2017
Check out our campaign on Kickstarter! Come watch some game-play demos, read more about the game's mechanics, its new features and plans for the future!
Patch 1.0.6 is now live fixing an install issue for Android, combat improvements and arena rewards re-worked!
DateJuly 3, 2017
We're happy to announce that with this patch we fixed the networking issue that was forcing some Android users to restart their devices following the game install before they could play it. We also updated how armor upgrades are obtained. They are now obtainable once you reach 1500 rating for silver and 2000 rating for gold. This patch also introduced some combat improvements, some hero balancing and better looking marketing assets.
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How can I recover my account?
If your account is registered, you can use your credentials to login from any device. If you forgot your password, you can recover it from within the game by going to Log in and Forgot Password. If your account was not registered, it cannot be recovered.
Do you share my info with any 3rd party?
No, we don't. In fact, the only reason we need you to register is for your own account's protection and security.
Which of my account's information will be available for everyone to see?
Your account credentials such as email or password together with your shop goods or history will always remain private. Player name, rank, matches history and other competitive stats will be visible for other players to see.