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In Tome of Heroes there are multiple ways to do damage. You can attack enemies with auto attacks, damage over time effects, area attacks, burst damage and so forth. While fighting in the arena both damage and healing increase by 50% with each passing minute. This allows players to make up for any mistakes they make early on and fine tune their strategy while the speed of the game increases and mistakes become more punishing. Below you can learn more about the main types of damage:

Auto attacks
These are the attacks that you see heroes performing between the use of abilities. Some heroes only have one single auto attack while others rotate through up to three. All heroes, regardless of how many different auto attacks they perform, cause 50 damage points per second on average. Some heroes for example can have two attacks of 40 and 60 damage while others can have three attacks of 30, 50 and 70 damage.

The Gladiator hero does splash damage, meaning that all of his attacks hit all enemies in front of him. The Syphoness is able to use all of her attacks regardless of any obstacles that may be in the way.

Single Target Abilities
single target damage These abilities do high single target damage, up to 10 times more than a regular attack. It's important to notice when these occur and use some sort of defensive abilities in return.

Area Damage Abilities
area damage These abilities do damage up to 5 times higher than regular attacks to all enemies sitting in the area. To avoid this damage you can use defensive abilities or simply just move out of the area that's affected. This type of damage ramps up over time, doing more damage with each tick so the sooner you react, the better! Harmful area effects are marked with a thin red circle.

Damage Over Time Abilities
area damage All area damage abilities do damage over time, however there are also single target abilities that apply damage the some way. The Earth Mage's red ability is an example. When applied, the damage over time effect is considered a debuff and can be cleared off by the Alchemist's Green ability.

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There are multiple ways to deal with incoming damage and often, some will work better depending on the type of attack:

healing effects The simplest way to deal with damage is to heal it. It's important to know however that it's not possible to heal all incoming damage. Incoming damage in arena even from one single enemy is higher than the healing available. All healing effects have small pulsating plus signs within their animation. Helpful area healing effects have a thin green circle around them. health You can see how much health a hero has left by looking at the blue circle around their portrait in the bottom left corner of the screen or by looking at the blue health bars above them. Enemy health bars are colored red.

Absorb & Miss Effects
absorb effects Some abilities can cause all incoming damage to be absorbed or to miss their target. If used correctly these can be much stronger than healing effects. It's good practice to use abilities with this type of effects to defend from enemy offensive abilities. Helpful absorb effects have a thing green circle around them. Harmful Miss Effects have a thin red circle around them.

Damage Reduction
buff Some abilities can buff heroes so they take less damage. Other abilities can debuff enemies so they do less damage. Both of these, if used correctly can also provide a large advantage in battle.

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Buffs & Debuffs
There are many types of buffs and debuffs that heroes can have and all are listed under the description of each ability. Several of these debuffs however occur more frequently and are much more important in the decision making of weather you should or shouldn't use an ability. For example if your hero is already immune to damage, there wouldn't be much sense to use another defensive ability on top of the current one. At the same time, your enemy may want to hold back on using their offensive abilities as they would go to waste. 4 of these buffs are always visible on the screen on top of the hero health bars: take no damageimmune to damage, hero take half damagetakes half damage, hero do half damagedoes half damage, hero do no damagedoes no damage.

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Each hero can use 4 different abilities which are colored in the UI to better understand their effects:
  • Green abilities are defensive abilities that can heal, provide damage immunity or other similar effects.
  • Blue abilities are a mix between defensive abilities and utility effects such as stuns, quickly change position and so on.
  • Red abilities are offensive abilities which do far more damage than regular attacks.
  • The purple ability is the strongest ability a hero has and varies from one hero to another. Some purple abilitie do damage, others are defensive and other are a mix of multiple effects. While the green, blue and red ability use a cooldown system, meaning they can only be used again after a period of time, purple abilities charge over time from whatever offensive or defensive activity the hero does. If a hero heals damage, make enemy damage miss or causes damage, all of these help charge the purple ability to 100%.
portrait cooldowns At the bottom of each hero portrait, there are 4 colored rectangles which are grayed out when abilities are unavailable. This makes it easier to see which abilities are ready to be used without needing to switch to a particular hero.

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Hero Position
The position of your heroes is very important at all times. Some abilities are designed to work better if your heroes are close to each other, while others especially area damage ones do less damage if enemies are spread out. It's also a good idea to move the hero that's being attacked behind obstacles to reduce the damage it takes.

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Each map is designed to provide a bit more insight in the hero's story but also complement their combat style. For example Rocky Glade has a large open area in the middle which allows the Jaeger to maximize her damage and quickly move from one position to the next without any downtime. Proving Grounds helps the Gladiator do more damage and stun more enemies as they're forced closer together due to the map's layout.

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