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Heroes: Alchemist
Strengths: Large area damage effect; Can interrupt Jaeger's Red with his stun and cure Earth Mage's Red with his heal;

Weakness: Vulnerable to area damage and poor mobility; Can't immune damage without purple ability;
Healing Potions
alchemist healing potions
Throw several potions at a target location that can be picked up by any of your heroes to replenish their health and clear all the debuffs active on them.

Tip: You can use this ability to remove the Earth Mage Red ability debuff.

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Explosive Mix
alchemist's explosive mix
Throw an explosive mix at the target location, knocking everyone back and stunning them for a short period of time. Enemies hit will be slowed and do half damagedo half damage. Each enemy hit will reduce the cooldown of the ability by 2 seconds.

Tip: You can use this ability to quickly interrupt the Jaeger's red ability. Stun effects add up in duration.

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Poisonous Gases
alchemist's poisonous cloud
Throw a barrage of poison vials creating a cloud at the target location which reduces healing by 50% and also damages all enemies that stay in it.

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Mad Alchemist
mad alchemist
The Alchemist goes on a rampage for a short period of time becoming take no damageimmune to damage. The alchemist also increases his movement speed, heals himself and does damage to nearby enemies for the duration.

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