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Heroes: Gladiator
Strengths: Does splash damage; Longest stun available; Buffs all friendly heroes;

Weakness: Can only heal by doing damage;
Battle Rage
gladiator's groomed for war
The Gladiator causes all of his damage to heal him for the same amount. All incoming damage makes the Gladiator take 10% less damage (up to 100%) from the next attack. Receiving no attacks for 2 seconds or more will cancel the damage reduction effect.

Tip: Stop the Gladiator from attackinng and he won't be able to heal himself. Area damaging effects count as attacks and will keep refreshing the damage reduction.

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Heat of Battle
gladiator's heat of battle
The Gladiator leaps through the air at the target location, smashes his hammer into the ground and stuns everyone in the area. Affected enemies are also slowed for a short period of time.

Tip: This ability provides a small knock-back. You can use it to move enemies closer to each other and do splash damage with all attacks. Stun effects add up in duration.

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War Horn
gladiator's war horn
The Gladiator blows into his war horn making friendly heroes around him take less damage, do more damage and move faster. The Gladiator does significantly more damage for the duration.

Tip: In order to apply this effect to abilities that do area damage, those need to already exist.

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Battle Hammer
gladiator's battle hammer
The Gladiator summons a hammer to help him battle for a short period of time. The hammer does area damage while chasing its primary target.

Tip: This ability can heal the Gladiator if his green ability is active.