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Heroes: Jaeger
Strengths: High burst damage; Longest crowd control; High mobility;

Weakness: Dodge can be countered by slows or stuns; Burst damage can be countered by any crowd control effects such as stuns;
Forest Winds
jaeger's swiftness
The Jaeger summons the forest winds, increasing her dodge chance by 75% and healing herself and all heroes nearby. Slow effects and stuns will cancel the dodge effect.

Tip: Dodge effects add up in duration.

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Archer's Retreat
jaeger's retreat
The Jaeger is able to quickly teleport to a new location, out of harm's way. For a short period of time she increases her dodge chance by 75%.

Tip: Dodge effects add up in duration.

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Arrow Barrage
jaeger's arrow barrage
The Jaeger roots her target and fires a fast barrage of arrows doing high single target damage over a short period of time.

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Dazing Venom
jaeger's dazing venom
The Jaeger puts all enemies at the target area in a deep sleep. Affected enemies take twice as much damage and do half damagedo half damage for a short period of time. Any damage caused will interrupt the sleep effect.

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