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Heroes: Syphoness
Strengths: Can steal enemy abilities; Able to use all attacks through obstacles; Able to blind opponents;

Weakness: Has to be in close range to heal or do high damage; Can't immune damage;
Life Drain
syphoness's life drain
The Syphoness leaps through the air at the target location and drains life from all enemies nearby. The drain can be broken by running out of range or after the ability expires.

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Dark Magic
syphoness's dark magic
The Syphoness creates a ritual at the target location. If an enemy hero uses an ability while in that area, the Syphoness will steal it and use it as her own.

Tip: Pair this ability with other high damage abilities in order to prevent the enemy from using strong defensive ones in return.

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Haunting Pressence
syphoness's haunting pressence
The Syphoness leaps at the target location dealing damage to all enemies nearby. For the duration, the Syphoness take half damagetakes half damage from all attacks.

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Blinding Darkness
syphoness's blinding darkness
Blind the enemy player for a short period of time. The enemy will still be able to use their abilities, but they'll be unable to see what happens on the battle field. Enemies around the Syphoness do half damagedo half damage.

Tip: Pair this ability with target changes or high damage.

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